Individuality of a Great Personage:

I always wondered how and what makes a person Great or Greater in their own way. This question always boggles me from time to time. What is it that it differs from a normal person and a great one? Is it their charm or charisma? Is it their way of observation or comprehension? is it because of the utterly for some other reason?


I pondered much about its existence and its gravity. What makes a HUMAN GREAT? I found the answer to my question in a series of events.

I read and discussed with people that if a human gets everything it wants at his disposal, it becomes addicted to it and do not wish to step out of his Comfort zone. I exercised this practice by papering myself with small treats, which indicated its validity.

Then I had a chat with a Pakistani girl, who was programmed to serve his future husband and her job is a temporary matter to deal with it for now. She was at the thought of traditional thinking, where the guy is supposed to earn and the girl is supposed to stay in the house and all the wishes should be granted by their husband. In a way, that is a cultural tradition which is a good perspective, but life is not fair and can create twists and turns which may lead to devastating and shattering hopes and dreams. She always clinked to her parents and family for her things. This made me realize that we are so dependent on others (family, friends and others) that we are unable to do our own menial tasks.

The point is when we are surrounded by our Comfort zone, we never try to step out of it and which may lead us to Disappointment and Hardship.

One of my best friend that I really admire and consult with any sort of issue or information, is almost always helpful in providing assistance with my work at anytime I require him. I always wondered that what makes him so compelling then the rest of my other friends.


Let’s switch to Boss, a word that leads to misery and pain all the way. Luckily, I was termed under a great leader, thinker and guide, which I admire and respect. I won’t be able to share numerous instances that he went beyond the line of duty to help out his subordinates in different matters. One of this unforgettable words is as follows:

Son, when you step out of your Home, you will always represent your Home ether you like it or not. When you step out of your area, you will represent that area, when you will step out of your city you will always represent your city, when you step out of your province, you will always represent your province, when you will step out of your country, and you will always represent your country.

That is why, always remember when you represent Pakistan you will be representing all of us and NOT just one of you. So, never fear about your decision can effect on all of us, always remember that we are all behind you in Spirit.

This was just one instance of my boss wisdom. It tells, a lot about a man’s strength and wisdom.

Coming to the great personalities of past or present, select any one of them; General Mao, Quaid-e-Azam, Aristotle, Alexzander the great, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Mother Teresa, and the list goes on and on.


All these people have one thing is common which separates from the rest of the others. Their ability to take the Pain. To take a hit from Life and keep standing again.

Bearing ‘Pain‘ is the only factor that could decide the Human to fall into the category of the Greatness or just another human being.

We all have felt pain at some point and we all know how it can be agonizing to bear that pain. Imagine the amount of pain that Great Personality went through. The suffering and the sacrifice they have made to make the world a better place.

My purpose to write this article is not about tell my readers to bear the Pain for no reason but to define what and how the individual becomes a noble and respected personality and the cause it undertakes to build his/ her own character.

My experience has taught me one thing, pain can last for an hour or a day or a week or a year. It will subside eventually, but if we give up now, PAIN will last for a life time.

Exams and Revision

A word that really gives the Heebie-jeebies to the students, it’s a nightmare with all its negative aspect and stress surrounding it; the word is “Exams”. A word that is feared my all students and respect by all parents. Somehow or the other everyone has experienced this phenomena with a high degree to relate to it or show sympathy to the students. It’s a life changing experience and everyone should at least experience it once in a life time. The stress and the whole nine yards are just too much to handle.


In any case exams demand that we should learn, remember and apply it in black and white, so that we can be evaluated. Teachers know everything but the point is that do we students know it or not. It’s a mess, when we think about the papers right before exams. The basic thing is to devise a way so to make it easier to revise. The following are a few points that can help you out to do the work more efficiently:

Making the Check list:

It is advised to make a check list. Simply download the Course content and then from your related site and then start marking them into Green, Yellow and Red check

marks. Green is for the one’s you have command on and can attempt it easily; Yellow is for the one’s that you are not sure about, you may or may not know; Red is for the one that you are sure you don’t know.

According to the write, it would be better to start from the Red marks to the green marks, so that the course can be covered easily.


“Time” the Most Basic and Important Factor:

As the saying goes, “Time stops for no one”. It’s a kind of a Law of the nature and universe. The best thing to do is to manage time by dividing your course out line into small groups and then highlight the important one.

Break Time:

Never skip the break, it better to gather your thoughts then to rush everything in a jar full of water and oil which will never mix.

Breaks give time to breath which is necessary to focus your attention on work. In the break you can have a snack or something.

Relax and Sleep:

It’s better to relax then to be totally stressed out. Sleeping is necessary to have a fresh mind when you wake up early in the morning before the exams. It’s better to have a snooze then to nod your head in the Exams.

There are numerous ways to do it but according to the writer these are the most essential to work on. It’s not a hard and fast rule in the sequence and it depends on the individual to use them in their advantage. Well, hope it is beneficial to our readers.



Training for the Untrained Eye: a Session to Stay Ahead.

Training are need of the a growing economy. People have wondered and discussed the relevance of Training and its merits. Each individual has its own understanding and experiences with the training  methodology. So, lets clarify the difference in it.

training workshops

Training is termed as “the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior“.  this definition states the boundary for the training parameters. Now consider Workshop, “a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project“.

These 2 definition are necessary to keep in mind to discuss the topic at hand that is relevance of the training. Lets first list the top 5 points (Not in order to the priorities) that I have face and asked by many Individuals and Professionals which are as follows:-

Many people get bored to see the training which has same information, over and over again…

Over the years, I have understood people get bored with the same amount of training. This usually occurs when individuals attend the training as a compensation for fun and not for knowledge with a very short interval of time. In response to that it would be a good idea to start treating training as a formal gathering and not just a gathering for entertainment. Timing of training period definitely matters, so choose and consider wisely.


Why do I need training which I already know of things…

Training is a mean to update your self about the market situation and what kind of tools are used in the market. Sometime repeating the training of the same course can be beneficial to the person because it can contain few more updates which are introduced into the market.

I love to discuss things in training…

Discussion is an integral part of any learning process. Sometimes minds wonders of into the abyss which takes the discussion off the topic. Focus is essential in these matters. Second thing which might be considered as a negative point among-est individuals is that Training is not designed around discussion platform. However, it can contain a few sections for clarify the ambiguous information.

Training was not relevant to me or my department or my line of work…

In the world of business and corporate, few people are forced to take part in training program which is not relevant to there background education or current department work, this can occur in students and other individuals. The reason that this is done is simple, People are integrated to other department’s work and updates so that work and problems can be synchronized with other departments and thus increase the efficiency of the work as a whole organization.

Training is expensive and worthless…

People time to time specially in large organization complain about training being worthless and expensive and Training department should not exist. These are the people who have matured at the age where they have understood the grass root of there work or pretend to know the work. In either way, they have lost sight of the big picture of increasing the effectiveness of the Organization as a whole organism, I say this because it contains new and old employees both and not just experienced employees. However, I would admit that training is as effective as it is updated regularly. Training department can lose sight of that easily.


Note: The article presented in these blogs are my own experience and knowledge gain from the field work. It is not directed to any race, religion, or political party. It is address to the system that we as a human have established around us and the imperfections that needs improvement.

Edu & Tech in Pakistan: It Never Fused in the System

Education is a basic need in these days and time period. It’s not just a way of life but a way to achieve the Social Prestige. Knowledge is Power to control oneself life that is what is considered in a societies not to make something more beautiful for the coming generation to come. Never the less its importance is presumably obvious for any developing country.

Technology is appropriately acceptably important in a Pakistani Societies. Meaning of Technology is defined in various sense, in this article it refers to making life easier by monitoring and controlling. Sadly, that is considered a prestige in Pakistani context and is limited to buying the Latest gadgets which are expensive and does the serve the function of the user. In simple words, it’s used for Show Off or to obtaining a prestigious value in the societies which is usually the case 70% of the societies. Everyone knows Technology is importance but no buddy wants to make it basic needs of a system, unless implemented by the Government.

Coordinating a training programeducational-technology with a group of teachers made me realize that free tools that are available on the web are underutilized or a neglected because it hasn’t been used previously in school. Monitoring the children or the student home work, assignment and projects have never been easier through free tools from the Google and other sources (Khans Academy etc.).

Discussing the curriculum of the students with the teachers of Kinder-garden to 10th Grade was enlightening. Problems were great, resource availability are negligible and burden were incredible.

One of the tools that the writer of this blog introduced was about to submit the assignment through soft copy in order to save time and money of the students and teachers. The idea was considered good but the point raised by a teacher that adopting the idea will hamper the writing speed of the children which is mandatory for the Students, as the Education system of the Government of Pakistan require speed writing skills for their final exams, shifting to the digital form of writing will hamper their speed and thus may lead to poor grades.

typing vs. writing

In this regard, idea can be implemented in the Summer holidays and/or other recreational activities for the students, to obtain result but it depend on the teachers making that extra effort.

In perspective to Government they need a working model to implement a change in education system. As Government of underdeveloped country does not want to experiment or spend money on research based education (unless corruption is involved) due to lack of funds and other factors.

Government of Pakistan



Point of Collision:

People do not want to change the education system unless mandated by the Government and Government won’t invest in development of the education system unless people start to acknowledge the free tools as the basic needs of the education system.

Now the question arises

Who are these people of change going to be?

These changes should be governed my the Government or the People? (Seems more like the debate of Nature Vs Nurture, Chicken or the egg, Leader Born VS Leader Bred)

When will the Pakistani Societies will acknowledge the existence and importance of Technology for the Student and Children for the Road to progress of the economic conditions of the country?


Note: This blog is related to the experience and the discussion observed with the individuals or the group of people confronted on different platforms, based on real life event from the Writer.

Genetic Memory

Genetic Memory or Gene Memory is the concept that states the memories of ancestors and there experience can be shared to the individual. It is also called ancestral memory as well.
Our genes consist of sequences of DNA which are responsible for our hereditary characteristics. It can be defined as:-
“A hereditary unit consisting of a sequence of DNA that occupies a specific location on a chromosome and determines a particular characteristic in an organism.”


DNA is found in each cell of living things and consists of factors which help anything of its species and in facts individual from another. It can be related to the personality factor, physical attributes and other related aspects.
DNA consists of all the things which are obtained from our parents or could be said that they are obtained from the mixture from mother and father. As discussed that we obtain physical and personality attributes in the same way some diseases are transmitted as well.
Now coming to our topic, genetic memory is term that states that our ancestral memory is locked in our DNA and therefore the experienced gained from our ancestors is utilized in our personal life. The concept is not very new as it was being worked from 1960’s and 1970’s and these scientist claim that unknown experience could be unlocked using and tapping into these DNA sequences.
If that was true, than the concept of reincarnation could have the back bone it needs. Although presently there are lots of hindrances that our current researches are facing and tremendous argument is surrounded by it and thus it remains a controversial topic.DNA

Rupert Sheldrake:
One of the British Biologist known as Rupert Sheldrake gave the idea of how we maintain our DNA structure from our ancestors but he failed to prove it and yet it remains a topic. According to him, all living thing produced an invisible field around them which further incorporates our action into the further generation. This field was termed as ‘Morphic Field’ and this concept was more towards related with the supernatural explaining of thing and did not have scientific evidence to support it because this spear could not been seen with a naked eye or with a microscope. Later, many scientist conducted experiments to get the close results.
Genetic Memory theory was proved through Savant Syndrome patient (A condition in which individuals who are typically mentally impaired demonstrates remarkable skills). These people show remarkable skills which were embedded in them. They can also be called as a prodigy or genius.
These astonishing skills, abilities, knowledge and expertise, most often unexpectedly do not blow up at an early age, in areas which the savants have studied nor had any formal training. Hence prodigious savants innately and instinctively “know” things they have never learned. This was later coined as “collective unconscious” or genetic memory.dna-magnifying-glass

A music professor says, about Matt, the 14 year prodigious savant now known around the world as the Mozart of jazz, He was seemed to know things beyond his own existence. He told that he never composes any but simply wrote down that which was already inscribed on his soul.
He is now a musical genius in his teen years. On a 60 Minutes program in 2006 the parents describe Jay beginning to draw little cellos on paper at age two. Neither parent is musically inclined, nor there never were any musical instruments, including a cello, in the home. At age three Jay asked if he could have a cello of his own. The parents took him to a music store and to their astonishment; Jay picked up a miniature cello and began to play it! He had never seen a real cello before that day. After that experience he began to draw his miniature cellos placed on musical lines. By age 5 he had composed five symphonies. By age 15 he had written nine symphonies. His fifth symphony, which was 190 pages and 1328 bars in length, was professionally recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra for Sony records.
Well, Genetic memory is really something that intrigues the writer. This research according to the writer can be very helpful in unlocking the potential in human evolution. But further research and analysis is necessary to find a better solution for human to become ultra-human.


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Just an Illusion – Declining Role of Media in Pakistan

Whenever we talk about Media and other related industries in Pakistan, I always get a negative image about it. Now, I wondered why should I?

I once heard about a psychologist talking on a Pakistani TV Channel, commenting about the Media that it was unhealthy for the media to Portray such news every day of mass destruction. They should portray the Good side of societies as well. I mean surely, Media does not portray local heroes for the youth to look up to and the past heroes have lost their meaning to the history book. Its not just that but what it has done to the image of the Country.Ahsan Ali Thakur Header 2015

I like to Quote, Christopher Lynn “Chris” Hedges is an American journalist, activist, author, and Presbyterian minister.

We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health,

lawyers destroy justice,

universities destroy knowledge,

governments destroy freedom,

the press destroys information,

religion destroys morals,

and our banks destroy the economy.

Even though I am quoting an American writer which for some readers portrait another image, I intend to only show what fits in our society and he is right about it. Although, I do not completely agree on other Statements.

A few things that are usually highlighted by media is destruction, negativity and other such distraction that provides a negative image to our society which is now considered a curse.

As, I talked to many community leaders and general people. They are at a distinct point that each media group is some how connected to the Political parties or supporting other parties for there own interest. Like everything else, its just business not a reflection of the society any more.

Last December 2014, I attended a seminar about Media Orientation and went there with a curiosity of knowing about what media seminar is like and what are the current events in the media. On the other hand, I was disappointed to find out that Juniors (Youth) Media anchors, news casters, reports, Journalist etc. were either trying to make seniors media professionals to prove that they are wrong or to discuss something which has no meaning to the societies or country or their own development (in short it has nothing to do with the topic at hand) at the end of the session.

All, I could see that these youth professionals were just there to eat, laugh and show everyone else that they are some big shots. They didn’t possess the knowledge or knew the complete picture of there topic, just certain fragments.

At this stage it is better that I must clarify what I mean by knowledge. To me knowledge means, to know History (background of things) and have done research on it. Knowing the name of the few people and what there position was, is just one part but what they went through is also necessary.

Getting back to the topic, in my personal opinion, I have listed down some observation which are as follows:-

  1. Media has attained the stage of being a negative influence in the Pakistan societies. Considering, News and Entertainment media only.
  2. Politics and entertainment are the only aspects that are displayed with the top priority in the societies.
  3. Local heroes are undermined. (that is no credits are given to the local heroes, so that they could be inspiration to others, unless high lighted by Foreign media, For example; Malala Yousufzay).
  4. Youth are neglected, with the emphasis that they are not a power but something that can be twisted and molded and are only limited to studies.
  5. Practical Implication are only limited for the government not for the media. No matter, if media destroys the reputation of the country with it. It just wants access to the news, so that they can profit from them.

With all this, I just like to ask to our Societies and Communities of Pakistan with respect,

Don’t you think, Celebrities are over-hyped and over-payed for an illusion that they create which has no meaning to the societies development or contribution in GDP of a country?” – A Relief from every-day’s pressure is always a good thing but what causes the everyday pressure/stress must be paid enough attention.

A temporary relief is not an answer to unemployment, restless societies, security issues, drought, famine, degrading life styles and living standards, corruption and death.

Is youth just a spec of dust that no one caters to it in our society? Or just an image that will be an employee for the future, so that they can be ruled over or kept in control?

Youth are seemed as study tool or if they are willing to contribute to the societies, they are seen as a product; burning for calories. No one sees them as potential power of tomorrow, when steered to the right direction and given a purpose, can achieve wonders.

Are we as Citizen of Pakistan only concerned with Illusion and distraction of one sided Information?

Youth seems to be just as a study tool seen like a product for burning calories with there willingness to contribute to the society. No one had seen them as potential powerful tomorrow. Given a purpose and drive to the right  direction, the Youth can achieve wonders!

I May NOT be the one who would make any difference but if ever I achieved a fragment of a change in my society,  I will think that my life has its worth.

“And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening – Robert Frost

A Trip to Karachi’s Sunday Bazaar: Work at hand for Women Co-operative Small Industry

It’s the continuationPhoto0010 of the previous blog “A Trip to Karachi’s Sunday Bazaar: Craftsman Sprit, Body and Mind”, in the previous blog I mentioned how does a craftsman interest lead him to make key chains and sell them. Little did he know that he ended up inspiring me to write about him. We pass through life in such a manner that we never know who we would be inspiring. Maybe it’s just there but not in sight. Whatever the reason to it but one thing is for sure, we are inspired or motivated by our surrounding.

Coming back to our current topic, as I walked and traveled around in this massive bazaar, I discovered really interesting things for my home usage and other accessories. Looking at the different stalls was like being hypnotized and over flooded with information (Prices, Colors, Fashion, Size, Variety, Quality, Quantity, Freshness, etc.). One such stall caught my eye as I was passing through; it was no other than following the rules of economy but the difference was it was there to help out poor women. It was in a way to helping out poor women by selling their products with a fixed price. It is operated by an NGO Roots for Equity, according to their pamphlet they help poor children from poverty in urban and rural areas and help women to realize and recognize there rights and in the process become independent. It is also mentioned that they were registered in 2000 under the Society’s Act 1860.Display for women cooperative hand woven items in Pakistan

 women Co-operative sales men

I am uncertain about their legitimacy with their claims and their current status but I am certain of one thing, they are working to helping out poor women by selling their handmade products in the market. It does not matter about the size of the contribution, what does matter that someone is doing something about it.

Women Co-operative Items hand made in Pakistan

Primary, I do not heed to these things unless I am certain of the facts and figures but I couldn’t resist writing something about what is happening. I always wanted to produce something about these activities. Glad that one of my wishes is finally come true.

I think I would rather close by asking questions to everyone who is reading this article, Are we really doing something about our country and is that really enough to help set or raise the living standards?

A Trip to Karachi’s Sunday Bazaar: Craftsman Sprit, Body and Mind

Everyone has seen a Sunday bazaar at some place while traveling or in some form. If you haven’t yet seen it, let me paint a general picture for you. It’s a place where you will find different goods in various versions to choose from and a great place to have a snack or lunch on every Sundays. These places are fairly crowed; sometimes there is not enough room to walk freely. I guess that would give a picture of having a commercial market where you buy and sell items. It’s in all sense a place to see commerce in action and the trading taking place.

Karachi Pakistan
Karachi is the biggest city in terms of size, population, economy and other factors in Pakistan. To my knowledge it possess 4 Sunday Bazaar, it’s just a guess. It may possess more than just 4 Sunday Bazaars. Further on, I was Visiting DHA Sunday Bazaar, one of the newest Sunday Bazaar in Karachi. I guess it’s been constructed in last decade. It’s in every definition a Sunday bazaar.

Walking in the streets of this Sunday bazaar was fun but it took me exactly around 3 hours to just have a complete survey of the place. It’s massive for a bazaar as far as I have seen in my travels in Asia and other places. It has variety of things available to be sold, from cloths to carpets, from crockery to toys, from decoration to household utilities.

Karachi, Pakistan

Little did I know that there was a wood craftsman sitting there, selling key chains of numerous different names at its table. I was disappointed to learn that my name was not present there, on inquiring about it, the craftsman named Ayyaz Mahmood, provided the reason that it must have been sold out but if I wanted it then he could make it in 20 minutes. I was intrigued and curious could it be possible to make a key chain in this short amount of time and would it look good. I humored him to see that was it possible or not? Without wasting any time he took out his tools started working on it as agreed for Pakistani Rupees (Rs.) 100. Looking at his speed, skill and the work he put in was amazing and exciting to witness that it was possible. On further, inquiring about the work he informed me that it was his interest that motivated him to pursue this work. He use to sit with his friend and the wood crafting shop and he learned a thing or two from him.

Karachi Pakistan

Admiring the story what he told me really is something to see that if you have the will and motivation with hard work it can take you different places. This person is really deserved applause. If, you desire something, to achieve it develop your skills and plan & take a course of action. We are just discovering our self constantly.

Brief History of Co-operative

History is in terms of life are the lessons learned or the experience of our predecessors. Since the time of Adam and Eve, humans are on evolutionary ladder but every evolutionary step is basically originated through the need or a want in a form of small iteration through centuries. On the other hand revolution is the need or the requirement that needs to be filled in a manner that satisfies the current need or a want.

Considering the Co-operative History and its aspects, it’s hard to determine that the cooperative business model developed from evolutionary chain of events or the revolutionary factor of occurrence. According to the writer, it is a debatable to identify where does it lie (it is similar to the topic; Nature VS Nurture; the famous question, which came first, the chicken or the egg?). In writer’s point of view, it is the intersection of the Evolutionary and revolutionary ladder that help to form the co-operative as a business model.

According to the research done and the data gathered, the origins of the Co-operative as business originated form a man named Robert Owen. In modern times, he is known as the father of Co-operative. The followers of Robert Owen and his idea are called the “Owenites”.

Before we can discuss the Robert Owen and how co-operative was formed, it is necessary to know the situation in that current time i.e. 18th and the 19th century. People in these time had a hard and very difficult life rich were rich and poor were poorer. In this era there was no labor and other rules to safe guard the security and safety of the common people and labor. Living standards were low and unemployment was the nightmares of the days.

Robert Owen

Robert Owen (Father of Co-operative):

Robert Owen belongs to rich family and had a political connection to the higher ups in those particular times. He wanted to help the poor people and provide them opportunity as he deemed fit. He was also known as the social reformer of 19th century. His idea was developed from the condition of the Britain economy and the concept of just price and fair trade in an economy.

His thought was to develop a town where there is no interference of religious factors and other hindrances that did not allowed the Commoners to develop. He tried his level best to incorporate his ideas through every means that he could get his hands on but a man cannot run from the grim reaper of death. His demise was a setback for the development of the social reforms in Britain but his legacy was carried on by his followers, the Owenites.

William King

Dr. William King:

Dr. William King was a professional doctor and helped the poor’s by not charging them for his services. He was a supporter of Owenism and imploded to the idea but he improved the Owen’s idea by using the support of the religion and renting the a place to work in a physical environment by developing a general store.

Rochdale Pioneers

Rochdale Pionners:

Although the idea of the Dr. William King was successful there were some major aspects to it that was not sustainable. For that the Rochadale Pioneers stepped into the picture and carry the model of Dr. Willaim king by introducing the Book Keeping & Accounting, Purchasing a house, constructing the a hotel and Legally recognizing the Co-operative Business in black and white.

Rochadale Pioneers consist of 12 members, a few more joined in the future and amongst them a few were the followers of Owenism. They all were rich, had a prestigious background and had political influence.

They were the implementers of a truely successful Co-operative business model.

Source: the Co-op: People’s Business, written by Johnston Birchall.


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Youth Co-operative Wing of Pakistan (YCWP) 

Co-operative: Business Model

It’s a business model that is recognized all over the world. And it values have been implemented it everywhere.

It is basically a business model that allows individual to control the organization in a democratic manner. In simple words as stated by Ivon Barbariani, former Director General of International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), in his book “How the Bumble Bee Flies” explains that it is like a group of children playing together, they have their own way of doing things and therefore have their own form of community. They nominate their own leader and thus are running things according to the individuals’ wishes (in a democratic manner of fashion).

Definition of Co-operative Business Model:

Defining something or respective entity allows to narrows down the information we require to a subsequent level and thus making it easier to work it out it frequency and range. Similarly it is much better to define the Cooperative business model through the definition provide by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA). The definition is stated as mentioned below:-

“A co-operative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.”

With this statement it is much clearer to focus our attention in a particular dimension.

Co-op Business

Difference between the Co-operative Business Model:

Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between the usual business model (Investor-Owned Corporations and Nonprofit Organizations) and the Co-operative Business Model. In order to have a glimpse of how Co-operative and other business model are different, following is the information to have a clear idea.

(Please note that the information provided here is obtained from US Overseas Cooperative Development Council, 2007. Furthermore, the information is focused on the Co-operative business model and Investor-Owned Corporations.)


Usual Business Model

It is owned by members

It is owned by the Investor

Democratically controlled; one-member, one vote basis; equal voice regardless of their equity share.

Members are involved in the day-to-day business operations and receive services for their input.

Controlled by shareholders according to their investment share. Business decisions and policy are made by a board of directors and corporate officers.

Promote and assist community development.

May engage in selected community philanthropic activities.

Maximize customer service and satisfaction.

Maximize shareholder returns.

The board is directly accountable to members through nomination and election procedures.

Board election and nomination procedures afford little oversight opportunity to shareholders.

Shareholders are not likely to be able to

remove board members

Any surplus revenues (profits) earned by the co-op are reinvested in the business and/or returned to members based on how much business they conducted with the co-op that year. Many co-ops are obligated to return a portion of their “surplus revenues” to members each year. Members share losses and earnings.

Profits returned to shareholders based on ownership share. Corporations are generally not obligated to pay out dividends. Timing and amount of dividend payout are determined by the board of directors.

Competitors Aiming for the Same Goal

Cooperative itself is prospering in its own manner with pros and cons parallel to the current businesses needs and requirements of the economic crises that has engulfed the world. In a line, it is a model that involves a community to sustain itself.

“People makes Community, Community make the Co-operative and Co-operative makes a city.”

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